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Alexander Sundiev is a Mobile Developer at Nix. He has been on our Software team since mid-2018 and is currently focused on iOS development, as well as, software design for all new and current projects. Alex is doing a phenomenal job at pushing the limits of our Nix Apps and creating a seamless experience for our users! 

Nix’s technology driven culture has pushed him to be more efficient with code and explore new designs and technologies used in the field. Alex loves that there are many members on the Nix team that have engineering backgrounds and share the same passion for technology and innovation, not only at work but in every part of their lives.

“Figuring out solutions to complicated problems to make people’s lives easier is in our DNA. Working at Nix feels like going to school, but learning the skills I actually enjoy using every day.”

Hear it from Alex…

What makes me tick

Constant curiosity, trying out new things and making mistakes creates perfect environment for learning and improvement. My passion for technology and learning help me be aware of advancements and also explore newer better systems and practices for programming and design.

My life outside Nix

I spent a lot of time in the water, as yachting was a huge hobby of mine growing up. I like all kinds of sports: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, swimming, soccer, volleyball, running, hiking, etc.; does motorbiking count? Finally, reading a good book or listening to an Audiobook/Podcast.

Important Fact

I’m a pretty good swimmer. Apparently it helps if you ever end up in water.

Color of choice

My favorite color is red (HEX #e63e30). But I like it even more in combination with black. Glossy red complimenting matte/satin black – incredible match!

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