Re-imagining Spectrophotometers

  A spectrophotometer for the 21st century. To help Nix achieve its mission of modernizing color communication and control, we have developed a full-featured spectrophotometer that will revolutionize the industry. The current spectrophotometer industry is …

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Spectrophotometer Use Cases

Man coloring paint in the building shop

  The Nix Spectro 2 is the first portable, 31 channel, 10mn spectrophotometer that will prove to be a valuable resource in ensuring a consistent, high-quality standard across various industries.    Paints and Coatings Industry …

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Life in Full Color

A boldly colored living room.

An interview with Amy Krane, Architectural Color Consultant Founder and Designer at Amy Krane Color Est. 2012 “It’s all about color.”  Meet Amy Krane: an Architectural Color Consultant, who founded her company, Amy Krane Color, …

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White on White Paper: Attogene

nix equipment

Communicating the Stories of Colour in Science: Formaldehyde testing in consumer products through colour measurement The Company: Attogene The Project: Formaldehyde testing in consumer products through colour measurement The Need: Rapid, accurate and affordable colour …

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A better way to measure color


Cheese, avocados, fish, meat…the list goes on. Food comes in all shapes, forms, and colors. And where there’s color, there’s color management.  “Every single product on the market inherently has a color,  and this color …

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