A better way to measure color


Cheese, avocados, fish, meat…the list goes on. Food comes in all shapes, forms, and colors. And where there’s color, there’s color management.  “Every single product on the market inherently has a color,  and this color …

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Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

Will Sheridan

Meet Will Sheridan, our resident Scientific Applications Consultant. To get a better understanding of everyday life at Nix for Will, we chatted with him about his work, his clients (spoiler alert: alpaca farmers!), and the …

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How to Sell Your Home with Colour


Selling your home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. That’s why we want to help you with one of the biggest aspects of getting your space ready for the market: colour.        …

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Painting Your Home White

Painting Your Home: Find the right white for your walls

How to find the right white for your walls When it comes to showcasing her artwork, homeowner Maria knew that her walls had to be white. She made the same choice in her previous homes, …

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Holiday Decor Ideas

Holiday Decor Idea for Guest Bedroom Dark Accent Wall

Holiday decor and color tips to turn your guest bedroom into a cozy winter sanctuary It’s that time of year again. The holidays are approaching and friends and family will be at your front door …

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Color by the everyday homeowner

woman opening door

Look at any design blog, mood board, or #modernhome hashtag and you’ll find a certain color everywhere: white. White, and the many shades in its family, can be an ideal color for when you want …

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