Home Decor How To’s: How to Match Existing Paint Colors

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A home decor or renovation project, whether it be interior or exterior focused, can be tough and time consuming, even for the pro DIYer. This is especially true when it comes to one aspect of the project: color.

Matching to existing paint colors or starting a whole new color palette can leave a homeowner feeling overwhelmed and confused. This results in many trips back and forth to the paint store to contemplate color, which often leads to the project being delayed for weeks or even months!

Color shouldn’t be complicated, no matter where you are in your project or where you stand in experience. With that in mind, here are just a few quick steps that you can take to begin your next paint project with a boost of color confidence.

Are you matching to existing paint colors? Start here.

  • Step 1: Determine your style.When you start with a style in mind, color selection and matching becomes so much simpler. For example: is your home already “Canadian cottage”? If so, you may decide to stick with a warmer, natural palette like Morning Oatmeal CH24-0; Pitch Pine CC077-4, and Malarca C47-2-0458-4 by Beauti-Tone Paint.

Looking for a simple and minimalistic approach to your home? While it may seem like the easiest route to go, there are certain things to consider that will take your interior to the next level. For instance, think about your trim color vs your wall color. If both are white, it’s best to choose different shades for each. For more on white-on-white pairings, check out this interview with homeowner Maria and learn how she brought minimalism into her century townhome.

  • Step 2: Identify the colors that already exist in your home.Knowledge is power. By knowing the colors that are already in and around your house, you can determine how you want to proceed with your design. Use your Nix Mini 2 to explore the colors in your home and on your walls. Simply place your Nix Mini on your walls to determine the paint color match from your favorite brands. From here, you can explore similar colors which is perfect for a refresh for the space and shades you already love.
  • Step 3: Build out and create your paint palette.
    Once you have your style determined and your colors scanned, explore similar, harmonizing and complementary shades in your Nix Paints app from all of the world’s top paint brands. You can save your color choices by project name, so all of your colors are in one space.

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Ready to completely restart and redesign your space?
Here’s a quick tip to get you started with new wall colors!

Build a palette based on the colors that already surround you!

Your home is likely filled with bits of color from items that you have collected and curated in the past. Use your Nix Mini and capture those colors to find their paint matches, and then start to build out your new color palette with shades that already speak to you.

And remember, even though you are still starting fresh, it’s still important to have a set style that you will stick with throughout your design. If you’re not sure where to start with styles, check out the Paint with Chip app for inspiration! You can view bold color pairings or comforting and cozy shades that are bound to make your home feel uniquely you.

TIP: Some of the best things to match color to can be anywhere from the on the wall to in your cupboards! Some of the major in-home pieces to color match to can be things like the paint color of your kitchen cupboards, blankets and cushions, area rugs and large furniture pieces. Small items that work for paint matching can include items like pottery and artwork, and can be great to showcase alongside your new paint project.

Looking for more ideas on where to grab inspiration? Check out Alexandra Cunningham of @thisfamilytree to see how she captures color right from her own home!