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Brian Viveiros is the Director of Software Development at Nix. Brian joined the team in April of 2019, and was brought on board to lead the development and launch of new software solutions that will be available in the coming months. His leadership thus far has expedited the growth of our company by implementing tight and effective timelines in preparation of software advancements. With that said, Nix is happy to have Brian on our team of energetic, innovative, and problem-solving individuals. 

Working at Nix has given him the opportunity to be hands-on with the technology aspect of the job, which is something he missed in previous roles. Like most Nix team employees, Brian finds the fun in challenging situations and tackles them head on with strategic planning and perseverance. 

Hear it from Brian…

What makes me tick

I love participating in endurance events including triathlon and long distance mountain biking. Being mostly self-coached in these sports has taught me to be very disciplined and self driven. The time commitment required for training, working a busy job and having a family with three young kids has forced me to be a master of time management. It has also definitely taught me to pace myself, and to always consider the longer term vision.

My life outside Nix

Partaking in triathlon and long distance mountain biking.

Important Fact

Four years ago I could barely swim one length of a 25 metre pool. I went on to teach myself how to swim, starting training with a coach, and this summer I will be completing my first Ironman (Ironman events start with a 3.8km swim).

Color of choice

The combo of Black/Red/White. Reminds me of vampires and fast cars, it’s also the color of my Cervelo.

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