David Paramo, Production Technician

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David Reyes is one of the Production Technicians on the Nix team. He has been with Nix since October 2018, and has taken part in the development of our newest product, the Nix QC Color Sensor.

David enjoys how the team works together. Nix’s communication and openness to help each other with day-to-day tasks is something he admires. He has learned many new skills, and has developed a profound curiosity on how the color industry works. The Nix team is thrilled to have David on its growing team of hardworking individuals!

“Everyone works towards the betterment of the company. The team’s insane drive and positive mindset makes me happy to come to work everyday.”

Hear it from David…

What makes me tick

I enjoy productivity! I feel fulfilled after completing tasks, and here at Nix I always have something new to do or complete. Everyday comes with different goals and tasks that make each day a unique one.

My life outside Nix

I love listening to music and looking for new sounds to add to my library. Above all else, I love to travel and explore new places and cultures.

Important Fact

I’ve attended 4 high schools, 2 middle schools, and I have lived in 3 different countries.

Color of choice

Hex #7c040e

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