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Dixon Paez is a B.Eng. Ph.D. McMaster graduate and is the Lead Hardware Engineer at Nix Sensor Ltd. He has been part of the Nix team for three years and has witnessed the growth of the company first hand.

Dixon has always had a passion for automation. Whether it is a small or a big task, he is up for the challenge. Working at Nix has encouraged his passions and continues to develop his problem solving skills in a fast-pace environment. While at Nix, Dixon has been part of many innovative and versatile projects – from scanning paint chips to understanding how to map the color of eggs, chicken legs, or makeup. Dixon’s technical knowledge and creativity pushes the team to new heights and contributes to making the everyday experience at Nix, both unique and challenging.

Hear it from Dixon…

What makes me tick

I am passionate about automation. Whether it is a small or a big task, I always try to design something that can automate it. Nix has allowed me to design and build our current automated system, which tests each of our sensors and conducts a thorough inspection before it reaches our customers.

My life outside Nix

I am passionate about night photography. Understanding how light behaves and how a sensor can capture it to make it a memorable moment.

Important fact

I took part in the big move – to what we call home today! Moving out of the apartment (initial headquarters) into an actual office space at the McMaster Innovation Park made me realize how much we have accomplished in such a small time frame.

Color of choice

I like three colors in particular: #F5C400, #005394 and #C61E29 because they are the colors of “la tierra que me vio nacer, mi querida Colombia.”

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