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James Strack has been with Nix since the very beginning in 2013, when the company was first called Chromatix. He helped out with a crowdfunding campaign as one of the first Canadian Kickstarter projects in 2013. Since then he has done part-time work with the company, while completing a PhD in Engineering Physics at McMaster University. Today, he is the Research and Development Engineer, focusing on app development, and leading the work on our apps for iOS and Android.

While having some programming experience before working at Nix, Nix was the first opportunity he had to take charge of an app starting from an idea on paper, to wireframing, testing, and final deployment to real users. 

“While my work is challenging and engaging, it never feels like a chore and is always fun.”


James had connections to several members of the early Nix team through related interests and activities from pre-Nix days, such as working on electronics on McMaster’s University solar car team. He mentions that, in many ways, working at Nix feels like a continuation and extension of this. The company’s small team dynamic allows him to take full ownership of a project and its end result, something that he has continued to excel in from early on. 


Hear it from James…

What makes me tick

Coming from an engineering background, I am passionate about problem solving and this is involved in nearly all of my work at Nix in one form or another. This could be trying to find a solution to an obvious issue (like finding the root cause of a bug in the app), or striving to improve existing solutions. Whenever I am completing a task I like to ask myself if there is a better, more efficient way to reach the goal, and if there is I work towards that improvement.

Hamilton Halton Engineer Awards 2016

My life outside Nix

I have been an avid collector of music across many genres on vinyl records for the past 18 years. I also enjoy amateur photography; I have recently started to dabble in 35mm film after a long time of working in digital only and have started to develop my own film at home.

Important Fact

I was highly involved with the electrical team of the McMaster Solar Car Project during my years at McMaster University. We participated in the 2009 World Solar Challenge which followed a route across Australia through the Outback and I was one of the solar car drivers for the team.

Color of choice

Yacht Blue (Behr S490-4)

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