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Jeremy Redmond, is the Sr. Solution Specialist at Nix Sensor Ltd. He is responsible for sales to the Americas, and has been in the technology industry for 20 years. Jeremy has been with Nix since the beginning of 2018, and continues to flourish in the color industry. 

With Nix, he has been exposed to the value of color distinction in design and agriculture. Jeremy is most passionate about saving customer’s time. With that said, Nix’s agile nature allows him to assist customers with new initiatives that transform their businesses.

Hear it from Jeremy…

What makes me tick

I am passionate about making life easier for the everyday paint contractor, DIYer, and interior designer. I am proud to have saved companies a substantial amount of time in their field. For instance, one of our clients who is a cabinet manufacturer would spend 6 hours a day color matching. With the help of our Nix Pro Color Sensor he was able to save 3 hours of his time a day (saving a single staff member around 720 hours a year) – an exceptional ROI. 

These client stories are both exciting and rewarding.

My life outside Nix

On my spare time I enjoy photography, gardening, SCUBA diving, Xbox, numismatics and have been an avid freshwater aquarist most of my life.

Important Fact

I hiked, portaged and canoed 40 Km in Algonquin park, Ontario, over a period of 7 days and only ran into 2 other people during that excursion. I lost 15 pounds.  

Color of choice

My favorite paint color is grey (HEX: #C4C4C2)


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