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Korina Kaur is the Finance Manager at Nix. She is in charge of the day to day accounting activities, including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting, budgeting/forecasting, and process development. Korina is a confident, driven, and multifaceted individual; who rises to the occasion and models what an adaptive and resilient team player looks like. She shares the challenges of being a young CPA looking to progress their career, and states that working at Nix has given her the unique opportunity to lead and make the role her own.

“With the ongoing changes at Nix, there’s always a buzz in the air – it’s contagious. It’s a great feeling when you not only enjoy the work you do, but you believe in the product, the people, and the future of the company”

  Consequently, having leaders who trust you instills confidence and encourages ownership of tasks. She finds Nix’s management style inspiring, and believes that it has led to a team of young, confident, and resilient employees who are eager to take on new challenges, and who seek innovation.

Hear it from Korina…

What makes me tick

Efficiency. Finding faster and better ways to pull, filter, and use data. Using those same skills to create better processes around day-to-day accounting and financial reporting. Organization. Whether it’s maintaining organized records or restocking the fridge the perfect way, organization is a part of everything I do.

My life outside Nix

I’m an incredibly keen traveler; I’ve visited 38 countries, and intend to reach 45 countries by the age of 30. I also enjoy food, movies, and books.

Important Fact

After university I took 5 months off to travel through south east Asia, Africa, and Europe; in total I travelled 31 countries. Highlights: I ate a tarantula in Cambodia, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, I bungee jumped off the Zimbabwe/Zambia border bridge, I went shark cage diving in South Africa, I visited the highest point in Europe.

Color of choice

Favorite color is Shamrock (Sherwin Williams 6454). This color reminds me of the rainforests in Malaysia and the deep green woodlands of Malawi and Ireland.

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