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Marc Directo, is the Chief Operations Officer at Nix. The success, functionality, and resourcefulness of Nix is reflective of Marc’s versatile skill set. Not only does he manage most of the strategic, and day-to-day operations, he also stretches his expertise in Operations, Finance and Accounting, Production, and HR.

Marc has been part of Nix’s journey for almost three years, and has played a significant role in developing the company into what it is today.

He was initially brought on board to help CEO, Matthew Sheridan take-off his start-up company, by handling accounting and inventory management. However, as the business became more complex and sophisticated, almost out of necessity systems and processes had to be put in place, challenging him on fronts that he hadn’t dealt with before.

He was prompted to consider the following big questions, and find solutions… How do we secure financing? How do we build a team? How do we make sure products gets shipped? How do we motivate employees? How do we build a sales process? With that said, working at Nix has made growth possible in almost every direction. He states “Nix has allowed me to level up so to speak, on a number of different fronts that I traditionally had no interest or avenue to pursue, like Sales and Marketing.”


“I feel I can make a meaningful impact with my contributions, whether it’s strategizing about a go to market plan, or collaborating on how to approach a sale, or implementing systems and process to make the company run smoother.  I guess what I like the most is that I’m building something, with a team of great people, towards a common goal. That sense of purpose, accomplishment and competition is something that’s hard to quantify.”

Hear it from Marc…

What makes me tick

These days, it’s all about family. My wife and I are having a blast seeing our young kids grow up. I draw a lot of parallels with Nix. They’re learning new things every day, growing into phenomenal little members of society; much like our entire team is learning new things every day and building this amazing company. So with my kids, it’s about channeling their energy, their strengths and weaknesses and motivating them to go beyond what they think their limit is. I view my role at Nix in a similar way; how can we make this business perform better than the sum of its parts? How can I motivate the team to deliver excellence by balancing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses?

My life outside Nix

My hobbies seem to change with the seasons… I’ve been known to dabble in photography, vinyls, rock climbing, biking, and more recently wristwatches. But for the most part I’m a chauffeur.

Important Fact

I’ve been part of many of Nix’s most memorable firsts, including… our first hire outside of our network, first huge sale, first million in revenue, and first team retreat.

Color of choice

My favorite color is Tangy Orange (Benjamin Moore 2014-30) #f56438.

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