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Maria Caldas is one of the Production Technicians at Nix Sensor Ltd. Since January 2019, Maria has been involved with the production of Nix devices, and the final inspection of units. Her dedication to the team is proven through her eagerness to work, and positive attitude.

“I love working in a place where you can make a difference, and where it feels like I am working with family”

Hear it from Maria…

What makes me tick

I am most passionate about playing games. More specifically, games that involve immense strategy and focus. They strengthen my ability to pay attention to detail, and encourage me to be aware of my surroundings. Working in production at Nix exercises similar skills. It is my responsibility to build units to company standards, prevent mistakes from being made, and impliment new ways to improve our systems. 

My life outside Nix

I enjoy photography, travelling, and playing soccer.

Maria's Hobbies - photography

Important Fact

I speak four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese.

Color of choice

Dulux 10BG 55/223 Moonglow

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