Matt McCutcheon, Customer Experience Specialist

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Matt McCutcheon has been with the Nix team since November 2017 full-time and for about a year part-time before that! He is currently the Customer Experience Specialist, handling shipping and returns, assisting the product specialist team, and managing customer support.

Over the past two years, Matt has learned the ins and outs of the company in order to support our customers, as well as, the Nix team! He enjoys spending time with the team beyond the walls of our office. His strong people skill’s manifests in his role at Nix and his ability to help others on a day to day basis.

Hear it from Matt…

What makes me tick

I’ve always felt the need to help and to be of service to others in my daily life. Through my roles here at Nix, I’ve been able to help many of our customers learn about the company and solve any issues that arise. Being the first point of contact for our customers, I always ensure that they are taken care of to the best of my extent.

My life outside Nix

You can find me at local rock/punk shows supporting my favourite bands or at home playing games on my PC

Important Fact

I adopted a gray Netherland Dwarf rabbit back in February 2018 named Gandalf who will be soon turning 4.

Color of choice

Burnt Orange, #BF5700

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