Nicolas Theriault, Director of Sales

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Nicolas Theriault is the Director of Sales at Nix. He was brought on board in May of 2019 to lead Nix’s new team of sales representatives. Nicolas has been an essential partner during Nix’s accelerated growth spurt by guiding the rest of his team to success with industry knowledge and a benevolent mentoring style.

“Working at Nix challenges me to constantly think outside the box and brainstorm new ideas.”


At Nix, it is important for employees to adapt to an environment that is constantly changing. While embracing this fact, Nic has been able to build out a plan from the ground up by managing his time and remaining disciplined. He likes that each day in the office is an opportunity to generate new solutions.

Hear it from Nicolas…

What makes me tick

My passion is to assist others in growing, whether that is by mentoring/coaching or simply being there to provide constructive feedback.  Having new reps onboard here at Nix has let me work closely with them and ensure they are on the proper track.

My life outside Nix

I enjoy travelling, but with four small children my travels have changed over the years. I enjoy playing golf as much as I can. Sports in general have always been a passion of mine and will hopefully get back to them once my kids get older.

Important Fact

Unlike most people that are born in a hospital, I was in a hurry and born in a car.

Color of choice

My favorite color is Charcoal Slate by Benjamin Moore – 737575

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