Patricia Ospina, Production Technician

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Patricia Ospina is one of the Production Technicians at Nix. She has been on the Production team since November 2018, and is responsible for inspecting all units during the production, and calibration process. The company’s positive workplace, and sense of community encourages her to work with excellence in order to support the team. It is a delight having such a detail-oriented, careful, and organized individual involved in the production of Nix devices.

Hear it from Patricia…

What makes me tick

I am passionate about my family, and working through every season of life with them. Fortunately, my fellow colleagues have become like family too. We spend many hours together, and dedicate a lot of time, hard work, and commitment to meet goals as a team. At Nix, we cherish both the small and big victories, and work through the difficult ones.

My life outside Nix

When I have downtime I love to read.

Important Fact

I don’t consider myself a good cook, but I’ve got two dishes that I have always been complimented on; arepa dé huevo, and flan.

Color of choice

I like bright colors, yellow is a beautiful color HEX #FFDF2F

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