Patrick Grzybowski, Systems Engineering Technology Intern

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Patrick Grzybowski is a Systems Engineering Technology Intern at Nix Sensor Ltd. He has been with Nix for the past 9 months, and continues to demonstrate his eagerness to learn, grow and contribute to the betterment of the team.

Patrick is in his third year of Electrical Engineering Technology-Control at Mohawk College. A key fundamental in the projects that are conducted at Nix involve programming, a passion of Patrick’s. With that said, Patrick’s keen work ethic is an asset to the team and contributes to the success of production, as well as, research and development for the Nix Pro and Nix Mini. 


Hear it from Patrick…

What makes me tick

I am passionate about programming. It ties into my role in R&D, as programming is a key fundamental in the projects that are conducted. Nix allows me to practice my passions as part of the research and development team. I like that working at Nix challenges my problem solving skills, tests my knowledge, strengthens my interpersonal skills and provides a fantastic working environment that nurtures mentorship.

My life outside Nix

My hobbies are biking, camping and playing soccer.

Important Fact

One interesting fact about myself is that I enjoy spending my winter skiing and snowboarding. 

Color of choice


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