Ryan Bili, Inside Sales Representative

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Ryan Bili is one of the Inside Sales Representatives here at Nix, helping to manage existing sales accounts, generate leads, and ultimately sell Nix products to stores and the end users. Since joining our team in May 2019, Ryan has brought on a fresh approach to communicating with the end user. 

At Nix, Ryan has quickly learned how to be resilient in an agile environment, and what the fundamental responsibilities of joining a developing sales team entails. Though it is not always easy, Ryan shares it is also an exciting time for the team to learn existing systems, and contribute to advancing their function. 

My favourite thing about Nix would have to be the team here.”


Not only does Ryan love the fast-paced environment at Nix, however, he genuinely enjoys being part of the team. He shares that if Nix could be described into three words it would be welcoming, friendly, and fun! He loves that Nix is a company that welcomes new faces, and nurtures self growth.

Hear it from Ryan…

What makes me tick

I am passionate about self improvement, and finding a way to better myself everyday. I believe in the saying, “progress over perfection,” because each day comes with its challenges and learning curves. At Nix, I also strive to go the extra mile, whether it may be taking an extra step to set up a new account or ensure that a customer is happy. Even being one percent better than you were yesterday, will make a lasting difference if you apply yourself day in and out.

My life outside Nix

I really like sports and cars. My favorites include, hockey, soccer, basketball and golf. 

Important Fact

I was enrolled in the Hockey Canada Skills Academy through most of High School.

Color of choice

My favourite colour is a bright red. Dulux calls it Flaming Sword.

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