Ryan Turkienicz, Business Development Manager

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Ryan Turkienicz has been the Business Development Manager at Nix for just over a year, focusing on business development, sales operations, and go-to-market strategy for our hardware and software products. He had previously worked with both CEO, Matt Sheridan and COO, Marc Directo while completing his MBA at the Rotman School of Management.

To him, every day is an opportunity to learn something new at Nix, and to deepen his understanding of Nix’s user experience! Ryan mentions that there are so few places where you can truly build a new class of tools that have never existed before. For that reasson he feels that Nix is making an impact on one of the world’s oldest industries!

“The culture is so positive, it really feels like a family. I think that’s the only way to truly innovate and build something smashingly successful. People have to be comfortable sharing new ideas and trying things that might fail, knowing that everyone else has their back.”

Hear it from Ryan…

What makes me tick

I have always been an artist – I used to be a professional musician playing the guitar in a touring jazz band. I think that if paint is the way we decorate space, then music is the way we decorate time. They are two sides of the same coin. The way I work with sound is analogous to a painter working with colour. Sometimes it’s an elaborate landscape, and sometimes it’s an entire room of Cloud White. This perspective allows me to understand the user experience on a deeper level.

My life outside Nix

I love to play the guitar and have performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival and numerous venues around the US and Canada.

Important Fact

I am the 479th best Minesweeper player of all-time. Yes, the game that comes with Windows. I beat expert mode in 60 seconds. Not sure how interesting that is…

Color of choice

I’m really feeling Benjamin Moore’s Champion Cobalt (Hex #274965). It’s dark enough to have impact, but light enough that it wouldn’t make a room feel small. I just bought a house, and it would make for a great accent wall.

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