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Office Assistant, Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams has been the Office Assistant at Nix since April 2019. She assists with event planning, internal communications, customer support, and day-to-day office functionality. Her ability to thrive off of unpredictability and chaos is what makes her a great fit for the team.

Sarah has quickly discovered that each day at Nix is very different. From testing out new software updates to hand-modelling in promotional videos, Sarah loves being able to support each department, and aims to deepen her knowledge in how they function.

“Nix attracts this dynamic collective of people who are constantly inventing, strategizing, and problem-solving their way to the next big thing. Each little task feels impactful because we’re working as a team towards something larger than any one individual person.”

Hear it from Sarah…

What makes me tick

I’ve always been a talker. I love to write, sing, act, or do anything where I get to connect with an audience, and truthfully, be the centre of attention. Performance is communicative, and communication invites curiosity, knowledge, connection, and growth. My role sees overlap with all departments at Nix, so my ability to collaborate with team members is key for productivity and efficiency. Great communication skills are essential for reaching goals, crushing deadlines, and exceeding expectations.

My life outside Nix

Sarah with Kangaroos Blog Photo

I’ve backpacked through South East Asia and Australia, and loved meeting the locals. I also like buying books without reading them, #dogspotting, and finding the best pizza in the city (currently digging La Cantina’s Pecorino).

Important Fact

I have a strict Britney-only karaoke policy.

Color of choice

Dragon Fruit (Sherwin-Williams 6855)

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