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Steph Hoekstra is the Graphic Designer at Nix Sensor Ltd. She began working part-time in June 2017 during her final year of school to help with the launch of the Nix Mini and is now a full-time team member. Today, she is involved with everything from packaging to photography, and from print collateral to working on the website.

She likes working at Nix because it is an environment that allows her to interact, collaborate and seek feedback from people from a multitude of different fields. Working closely with the engineering, customer support, production and marketing team, offers a unique selection of fresh perspective. With that said, Steph’s ability to execute new and memorable campaigns from start to finish, is a quality Nix is delighted to have.


“Great design is about understanding how to organize information in a way that makes sense for the viewer.”

Hear it from Steph…

What makes me tick

Is it too nerdy if I say I’m passionate about organization? Nothing makes me happier than when everything is neat and tidy and has its own place. I think that’s really what drives my passion for design, which to me is about organizing information in a way that makes sense.

My life outside Nix

Left: Views from deep sea fishing in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island Right: Montmorency Falls in Quebec

I enjoy photography (especially landscapes) and being anywhere near the water. I also have to list “the Office” as an interest, having watched it from beginning to end at least seven times in the last four years (it was my background show while doing homework in the wee hours of the morning).

Important Fact

I was deemed June’s “Cutest Kid of the Month” in 1991 at our local photo studio.

Color of choice

#005238 (the color of an old forest), with #9dbedd being a close second (the color of the sky). These two colors together remind me of some of my favorite places on Earth.

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