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Thomas Langille is a graduate from McMaster Engineering Physics, and is the Test Engineer at Nix for the past two and a half years. Nix opened up opportunities for him to put academic theories into practice straight out of University.

As a result of working in the color industry, Thomas had to learn the mathematical technicalities of color, as well as, learn how to work with and manage other people. He mentions that designing something from the ground up can be very scary, but tremendously rewarding when the outcome is more than what was anticipated.

“When there is a new project there is usually no foundation. I love seeing our designs, methods and procedures being created from scratch, then being taught and implemented by a new employee a year later.”


With that said, Thomas is an ambitious employee, seeking further growth of the company. He is always testing out new ways to make systems that can do jobs, efficiently and reliably, and finding ways to make improvements to the team’s designs.


Hear it from Thomas…

What makes me tick

My love for cars inspired my interest in mechanical systems. It blows my mind that someone designed the world’s most complicated systems, like car engines, by hand. At Nix the same drive is put to use when we design and build our in-house robots. We need to make systems that can do jobs, efficiently and reliably, while constantly making improvements to our own designs.

My life outside Nix

I am a big fan of F1 racing, and moreover a general motorsport enthusiast. I have always wanted to be a racing driver and take my own cars to as many local events as I can. I am also very active and participate in a handful of sports; hockey, soccer, golf, rock climbing, as well as playing some competitive video games.

Important Fact

I recently finished rebuilding a 1981 BMW that had been sitting for over 10 years. It may never be complete but it is now mechanically sound and ready

Color of choice

My favourite paint colour is Envy by Sherwin Williams. I love green, and often test our devices using this specific colour. 

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