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Will Sheridan is the Scientific Application Specialist at Nix Sensor Ltd. He has been onboard with Nix since 2013, when the team was working out of his parents’ basement in Burlington, Ontario. In pursuit of achieving his Master’s in Biology and Business at Western University, Will took a hiatus from the band – making a triumphant return to Nix in 2017.

Though he loved his academic life, Nix has given him the chance to develop his skills and grow professionally in a more hands-on environment.

“The culture at Nix pushes its employees to be involved at every level of the business, no matter their role”


With that said, at Nix he is directly involved in projects from the prototyping stage, to developing marketing strategies, to commercialization. Something that feeds his natural hunger to create. He also loves that every day at Nix is different! There is no ‘typical day’ in the office, one day he could be designing and 3D printing a new adapter for measuring the color of powdered paprika and the next day he could be visiting a researcher who wants to use a Nix Pro to measure the concentration of biomarkers in a novel point-of-care disease detecting tool.



Hear it from Will…

What makes me tick

I’m passionate about science and the role it plays in our everyday life. Working at Nix has offered me the opportunity to use my scientific expertise to help facilitate partnerships in a wide range of fascinating industries where color is important, such as food and agriculture, and cosmetics.

My life outside Nix

I love watching and playing hockey, hiking on Hamilton’s many trails, trying out new restaurants, and traveling.

Important Fact

I was the TIME person of the year in 2006.

Color of choice


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