Kickstarter of the Week: The Nix Color Sensor

Kickstarter of the Week: The Nix Color Sensor

Have you ever tried to match the paint that’s already on your walls in order to do some touchup? How about fixing scratches on your car? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a handheld device that you could simply place on the color in question, it would read that color, beam it back to your smartphone, and tell you the RGB value for the color, and even point you in the right direction to the paint store where you could buy paint that shade? Enter the Nix Color Sensor.

From the Nix Kickstarter Page:

Nix is a patent pending device that allows anyone to become a color expert. Just grab Nix from your pocket, purse, or bag, touch it to an object and magically watch the exact color appear on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. Once scanned, you can keep palettes of your favorite colors, match the color to real life pigments, and even receive directions to the nearest store where you can purchase the color.

Nix is perfect for interior designers, graphic designers, model makers, makeup artists, hobbyists, photographers, fine artists, crafters, hackers, makers, museum curators, painters, land lords, and even… engineers…

The idea for Nix came from interaction the developers had with friends who were interior designers who got tired of lugging around tote bags full of paint decks. Another friend was employed mixing custom cosmetics for burn victims. She would consult with patients and manually create custom makeup that perfectly blended with the patients’ natural skin tones.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a small, inexpensive portable device that could analyze the colors involved in the above situations accurately,  and remove the costly manual color matching routine from those procedures?

As poor recent engineering graduates, the developers didn’t have the funds needed to back a project like this, so they applied for an R&D grant to get the ball rolling. After securing the funds, they began developing what eventually became known as Nix.

Currently Nix works with their development PC and they have developed all the graphic assets for the iOS/Android application. All that’s left to do now is to take the logic from the PC application and combine it with the graphic assets to finish the smartphone app.

Seen below is a video of Nix working with the development PC.

The backing from this Kickstarter will allow the finishing of the smartphone app.

In the final version you will be able to:

  • Save a scanned color to a swatch, with notes.
  • View a color in RGB, HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ, HTML, or CMYK.
  • Convert the color to a multitude of media such as: interior wall paints, oil paints, makeup, watercolor, hobby paints, wood stain, automotive paint etc.
  • After you have selected a particular media you can select a particular brand.
  • Get directions to the nearest store where you can buy the paint!

Pledge levels for the project range from $2, (allows you to vote on the inspirational quote that will be printed on every circuit board), to $5,000 (as well as receiving a Nix, you receive training to use it, and your name will be embedded into the enclosure of the Nix). The $69 level is where most people will likely be interested, as that includes a Nix and the app to use it with your iOS or Android device.

If the Nix sounds like something you could use, be sure to visit the Nix Color Sensor website today! They have until October 16th to get the project fully funded, and as of the writing of this article, they’re less than a third of the way there. [DIRECT LINK TO SITE]

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