Nix Color Sensor and app by Nix Sensor Ltd

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more funds than expected, the Nix Color Sensor passed from being a project to becoming reality. Nix, The Diamond Standard in Color Measurement is a small device that works with a companion app to give you accurate information about colour. Nix is a an easy to use tool that caters for artists, interior designers or anyone that needs precise colour details in digital or physical environments. With Nix you can find out what colour an object is in its HTML or CMYK version. It will allow you to translate nature’s colours into the digital world.
How does it work

The diamond shape device allows you to scan any item or surface and with the app installed in your smartphone or the software in your PC, you will be able to know exactly what colour it is. It has a good looking design, it is portable and intuitive. Nix Sensor is made of a resistant material that is also soft to touch, ensuring that you can hold it comfortably in your hands. Nix Sensor is highly reliable, thanks to built-in LEDS and its patent pending design that blocks out exterior light to ensure that you get accurate results. The Bluetooth connectivity makes the setting up process quite simple and ensures that you can easily sync the device with your phone. The sensor can be connected to the USB port of your laptop to charge the battery. You can enjoy hundreds of scans and over a month of battery life in standby mode before it runs out.

What is it used for

The main market for Nix is graphic/ fashion designers, interior decorators, painters and multimedia artists but it can also come handy for everyday life uses. For instance, you can determine the colour and brand name paint of a room’s wall, which will allow you to get the exact tone. It even lets you know where you can get that brand of paint, giving you a list of stores near you. Thanks to a partnership with Arduino, an open-source platform that provides a lot of versatility for devices and software, Nix can be adjusted to a wide variety if functions. It could be used to test the ripeness of fruits or as a green house system to measure humidity, temperature and light.

Nix Color Sensor works with iOS 7 and up. It is compatible with all generations of iPad mini, iPhone 4S and above, as well as third generation iPad and beyond. It also works in Windows PC and soon will be able to support Mac. The Color Sensor device is available for $149 on Nix’s official website and the app can be downloaded for free in the App Store. It is not only an interesting gadget, it is also a great technology that could help many industries that rely in the use of colour.

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