Yuge Zhang, Mobile App Developer

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Yuge Zhang is one of the Mobile App Developers on the Software team, helping build Nix’s next generation of apps. Since joining the company in April 2019, Yuge has proven to be a fantastic resource for the rest of the team, bringing valuable research and contemporary ideas to the table.

“I feel honored to be part of a team that is rapidly developing on a global scale. Nix is a great company from their people to their product.”


Yuge shares that the positive and collaborative energy in the office has instantly made him feel welcome to the team. He is determined to approach his role with the same determination and excellence that each department models.

Hear it from Yuge…

What makes me tick

I am most passionate about conquering obstacles, and completing tasks that are deemed ‘impossible’. For instance, when I’m playing sports I am constantly thinking of ways to win big! No matter the circumstance, I never quit on what I’ve started. As a developer you have to have the same mindset. Often, working smart is just as important as working hard.

Yuge bio photo at the golf range

My life outside Nix

Cooking, travelling and playing basketball.

Important Fact

I once hit a buzzer beater in the final basketball game which brought our school team the championship.

Color of choice

My favorite color is purple, especially the Lakers Purple (#552583)

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