Chip + Nix
Colour Match Toolkit:
Customer Rental Unit

Give your customers a paint-matching experience whenever and wherever they need it.

Chip app on Nix case

The ultimate rental unit.

The Colour Match Toolkit is an essential addition to your paint department. Backed by the power of Nix, the toolkit gives you and your customers the power to scan any surface to find its paint match from the brands you carry in store.

That means no more colour guessing games or time spent hunting through fan decks trying to find the right match: just scan, match and get your customers painting.

woman using nix color scanning app
Woman out front of building with nix case

Your on-the-go colour pro.

The Colour Match Toolkit is portable and durable, making it an ideal rental piece for customers. Allow customers to take the Toolkit home with them to identify colour matches and harmonies that fit with their own decor, then come back to your store ready to buy, and with their colour choices finalized.

A boost of colour confidence.

With the Colour Match Toolkit in store, you’ll give your customers a colour journey that empowers them to browse and buy paint easily, efficiently and with confidence, all while giving your staff the tools they need to become experts in the field of colour.

Woman scanning color by fireplace

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