Nix Spectro 2


$599 USD

Send in your device for a tune-up! Nix offers a complete inspection and recertification service for the Spectro 2. We test your device and reference tile using our proprietary, 24-color array (comprehensive, extended gamut), clean the lenses and restore your device to its original glory. You’ll receive a recertification certificate that guarantees your device is back within original factory specifications.  

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Why should I recertify my device?

Arranging consistent tune-ups ensures your car will operate smoothly for as long as possible. Nix works the same way! That’s why regularly scheduled recertifications are in your best interest.

Our devices are designed to be durable, but if you want the peace of mind that your device is producing the reliable color scans you’ve come to expect, we offer a recertification service. Not all devices will need recertification, but if your company’s compliance department requires regular recertification of its technology, be proactive and send it to Nix.

What's included / not included?


Device recertification using Nix’s proprietary 24 color array
Reference tile testing and validation

Not included

Shipping to Nix HQ (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Shipping from Nix HQ (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Warranty policy


Nix Sensor Ltd warrants your recertified product against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship (does not include normal wear and tear) for 1 year from date of recertification, when purchased directly from Nix. Prior to providing warranty service, Nix Sensor Ltd will require you to provide proof of purchase details, including but not limited to a receipt or sales invoice.
Note: Nix will issue a product exchange for the warranty program, not a refund.

How can I contact you with questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us by submitting a ticket.

What is my device's weight and dimensions for shipping?

For the Nix Spectro 2 + pelican case + reference tile

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ x 6″
Weight: 1.75 kg

Recertification form

Please complete the form below and include it in the shipment box with your device, pelican case, and reference tile

Recertification Form

Nix Spectro 2 Color Spectrophotometer

How do I get my device recertified?

Step 1. Purchase the recertification for your Nix Spectro 2 device.

Step 2. Complete, download, then print the recertification form.

Step 3. Pack your device, white ceramic calibration tile* and completed recertification form into your protective pelican case.

Step 4. Prepare your package for mailing.

Weight & dimensions for the Nix Spectro 2 + pelican case + reference tile.
Weight: 1.75 kg
: 12″ x 12″ x 6″

Step 5. Send your package to our headquarters at:

Nix Sensor Ltd.
286 Sanford Ave
North, Suite 501
Hamilton, Ontario,
Canada, L8L 6A1

*It is crucial that the white calibration tile be included in your package.

When can I expect it back?

After Nix has received your unit, you should expect the recertification process to be completed within 7 business days. Once complete, Nix will send your unit back to the return address provided in the recertification form.

*Customer to pay round trip shipping costs for getting the unit to and from Nix headquarters (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). In rare occurrences, it may take longer than 7 business days to complete recertification.

Get your Nix Spectro 2 Recertified.