scanning steak with Spectro 2 and flat adapter

Nix Spectro 2 Flat Adapters

Surfaces that are uneven, textured, plush, or soft can often be difficult to measure accurately. When the scanned surface has areas that are raised or lowered, light from the device will reflect at different points, and the values received will be swayed and inaccurate. To avoid poor scanning conditions such as those, the Flat Adapter can be attached to the bottom of the Nix Spectro 2. This creates a uniformed surface scan with consistent and accurate results.

Use case examples

  • Fabrics
  • Carpeting
  • Skin
  • Food products
  • Agricultural products
  • Fur / feathers

Please note: With the Flat Adapter attached, you may see L-values that are lower than those seen without the Flat Adapter due to light geometry. If you are using a Flat Adapter to measure your products, it is important to remember to set the master color while using a Flat Adapter as well. This way, you are comparing apples to apples. 

Nix QC Color Sensor scanning blue towel

Nix Pro 2 Flat Adapter

The flat adapter is also available for the Pro 2 Color Sensor. Purchase as a 5 pack today and start scanning without limitations.

Nix Pro/Spectro Liquid & Powder Adapters

Liquids and powders are typically challenging to measure accurately without a specialized container. Our Liquid and Powder Adapter systems allow for easy measurement of all liquids and powders, using standardized slides or cuvettes. These adapters ensure a flat, uniform measurement interface, meaning you can be certain all measurements are highly precise and repeatable.

    • Wines & Beverages
    • Stains / inks / dyes
    • Liquid foundation & other makeup
    • Honey
    • Blood
    • Cleaning solutions / chemicals
    • Spices
    • Soil
    • Coffee
    • Pigments
    • Concrete
    • Grains
    • pH testing and other chemical tests

Nix Custom Color Sensing Solutions

At Nix we take pride in leading the industry with affordable, accurate, and revolutionary color measurement systems that are improving businesses around the world. We can create anything, from simple white-labeled versions of our off-the-shelf product to fully-custom solutions that fit your unique use case. Contact our team of experts to see how we can help improve your existing systems.

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