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Grow your company with Nix Business Solutions. Our team can work with your company to meet all your color needs. From putting your brand first with our white-labelling options to creating brand-new, industry disruptive devices, Nix gets the job done.

  • White-labelling of hardware and software
  • Digitizing color libraries
  • Software development kits
  • Fully custom solutions
  • Bulk ordering

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Nix can:

Put your brand in the spotlight.

Want to make sure your brand gets noticed? Our design team can work with you to create a fully customizable solution that best represents your company.

Available options include:

  • Box design
  • Device stickers
  • Digital quick start guides
  • App re-skinning

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Nix can:

Get your color library digitized.

Fabrics and make-up and plastics, oh my! Regardless of what your color library is made of, Nix can help digitize those colors for you. Our team of skilled engineers and automated robots make sure your library goes through multiple rounds of scanning to get accurate digitized results. We don’t just deal with paint, but have a system of adapters to scan just about any surface type.

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Nix can:

Empower your software development.

Do you want complete control in developing your own app? We offer a Software Development Kit that gives you everything you need to accomplish that. Enjoy a free 3-month trial for the SDK, giving you a chance to develop a working prototype and test the waters before a licensing fee kicks in.

The SDK includes:

  • Compatibility for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Tools to discover and connect to Nix devices via wireless connectivity
  • Tools to handle color conversion math, Delta E calculations, color matching to a library
  • Sample code with debug functionality
  • Sample app with demos of entire SDK functionality

The licensing fee covers:

  • Regular updates to the SDK (including updates for when new Nix hardware is released)
  • Compatibility for any new versions of Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems
  • Tech support from our in-house software team via email or phone
user interface development graphic
Egg yolk in egg shell with 3 other eggs

Nix can:

Build a fully custom solution.

Think you have a color problem that we can’t solve? Try us! From creating custom adapters that can scan egg yolks, alcohol, and even skin tones, we’ve worked with companies to create some truly unique applications. We’re always looking for a challenge, and love finding new uses for our Nix devices.

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