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Modern manufacturing is mobile and faster than ever. Nix has developed color measurement solutions flexible enough to exceed the demands of today’s color quality control standards. Take a Nix color sensor out into the field and take color measurements when and where you need them.

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Every physical object in the world by definition has a color. At some point, if that object is manufactured, there must be some sort of color quality control. Unfortunately, all too often, color quality control in manufacturing is a mere afterthought or delegated to someone on the assembly line that has a “good eye” for color. This might have made sense in the past when color measurement instruments for QC in manufacturing were costly, fragile, and very difficult to use, but now there is a better solution. 

The Nix line of color sensors and color matching apps provide an easily customizable end-to-end workflow for manufacturing color quality control. From A/B Delta E calculations to defining and distributing tolerances to your off-site facilities, we do it all. Our goal at Nix is to provide you and your stakeholder’s high-performance solutions that are durable and easy to use. 

Contact us today, and we can help you set up a customized workflow that meets your specific manufacturing needs. 

Use cases

  • Nix has a solution for the color quality control of almost every material.
  • Color measurement adapters are available for powders, liquids and gel.
  • Software available to build custom QC color databases.
  • Software available for A/B color measurements and instant Delta E calculations for QC.
  • Little to no training is required for accurate operation of devices.
  • Rugged equipment can be used directly on the assembly line.
  • Data is easily transferred from your assembly line to your color quality control manager.
  • Can be used as a sales tool to prove quality and for creative color selection.

Nix in use

Color quality for plastic building blocks

(Case study for solid, opaque surface)

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Measuring the colors of liquids

(with the Nix QC)

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