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Medical + Life Sciences

Did you know that certain chemicals like chlorophyll, or melanin can be measured with a spectrophotometer?  Color really is in every living thing and scientific process. With a Nix color measurement device, users can harness color data and truly make a difference.

The perfect addition for your industry

There are many applications in the medical and life sciences fields that demand rapid and high-performance color and spectral measurement of samples. Nix color sensors and color matching apps allow users with very little training to easily take bulk colorimetric data from a multitude of materials such as liquids, solids, powders, gels, skin, plant material, soil samples, color-changing or indicator test strips, pH tests, water samples and more. 

The Nix platform provides an easily user-customizable end-to-end workflow for data collection and analysis along with a full-featured database management system. This system allows for custom databases to be created that pair colorimetric data with particular solution concentrations, formulations, or chemical indications. 

Our goal at Nix is to provide you and your stakeholder’s high-performance solutions that are durable, easy to use, and provide confidence in collected color data.

Please contact us today and one of our dedicated medical and life sciences support specialists will help you set up a customized workflow that meets your specific needs.

Use cases

  • Frequently used by medical professionals for liquid color measurement and skin measurement, in the field and in the lab.
  • Excellent for color QC of raw materials.
  • Spectral sensing can be used to isolate specific chemical compounds.
  • Low-cost, disposable adapters are available for non-contact powder, liquid, and gel color measurement.
  • Measure precise changes in color or full spectral curves of samples over time.
  • Highest resolution visible spectrophotometer (10nm) available in a portable, rugged form factor.
  • Little to no training or previous color expertise is needed.
  • Software available for raw bulk data collection.
  • Software development kit available for custom applications (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).

Nix in use

Measuring the color of liquids

(with the Nix QC)

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Formaldehyde color testing

(with Attogene and the Nix QC)

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