The perfect pair:

Nix and ColorCasters

Nix and ColorCasters have come together to provide the ultimate color measurement solution for printer color evaluation. Using the SpeckCheck iOS app by ColorCasters, users can take the color scan data from a Nix device and review it through multiple examination tools for best-in-class color verification.

Why SpeckCheck?

The ColorCasters mission is to provide a path to more consistent color. This mission aligns perfectly with Nix Color Sensor. By partnering up, Nix hardware and ColorCaster’s software come together harmoniously focusing on printer calibration, color verification and process control in the conventional, digital and inkjet printing environments.

What can SpeckCheck bring to your color measurement workflow?

SpeckCheck will bring just that, the complete workflow for calibrating or correcting your facilities’ printer and will layout the details on where your printer is out of spec using industry standard certified reference print conditions (CRPCs).

How does the process work?

Print an evaluation card from the printer to be assessed. Connect a Spectro 2 or Mini 2 color sensor to the SpeckCheck app and place the device on a swatch. Tap the corresponding swatch within the printer evaluation screen on the SpeckCheck app. Continue this process for all swatch colors and conclude by tapping the evaluation button.

The evaluation screen will show what needs to be adjusted to get the printer in spec if applicable. The entire analysis can be saved and sent to the responsible party for a more in-depth analysis or correction.

Get the SpeckCheck app today!

The SpeckCheck iOS app is available for the Spectro 2, Pro 2 or Mini 2. A spectrophotometer is recommended when evaluating color compared to print standard CRPCs.

Download the SpeckCheck app today