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Did you know that different cultures have different expectations for the color of egg yolk? Did you know that with a Nix color sensor you can scientifically measure, track and analyze food color like this and more?

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When’s the last time you tasted a food product before buying? Consumers are increasingly buying with their eyes, not their taste buds. The expectation is perfection.

Over a billion dollars of profit is wasted in the United States each year just from variations in the color of beef. Not only do consumers have particular regional and cultural preferences for the color of the food they purchase and consume, but they also have increasingly tight tolerances for the color consistency of the food and beverages they consume as well. Imagine cracking a can of your favorite cola, and not having that perfect, comforting caramel color… ew gross! 

Nix has an entire platform of hardware and software tools that can easily be adapted for your particular color measurement needs. Our philosophy is to build high-performance, durable tools, perfect for the harsh environments of farming and food processing industries, and don’t forget about food packaging! We do that too! 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can easily adapt our system to meet your exact food and agriculture color quality control needs. 

Use cases

  • Ripeness measurement of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Color grading of meat, poultry, and fish
  • Color quality control of baked and processed foods
  • Detection of pathogens and common agricultural diseases through color-changing assays
  • Non-contact color measurement of traditionally difficult materials like powdered spices, coffee, juices, wine, and spirits.
  • Packaging/branding QC for food and beverage
  • Easy to digitize and upgrade existing analog color standards

Nix in use

Egg yolk color analysis

(with Digital YolkFan)

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Whiskey quality control

(Liquid case study)

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