Nix QC Flat Adapter – 5 Pack

$14 CAD

Nix QC Flat Adapter – 5 Pack

Flat adapters are used in conjunction with the Nix QC Color Sensor

Adapters are easy to apply, protect Nix QC from contaminants, and provide the highest level of accuracy without compromising your data. This bundle includes 5 flat adapters. Instructions on use are available here.

Note: This pack does not include the Nix Quality Control Color Sensor. The Nix QC is sold separately. With the Flat Adapter attached, you may see L-values that are lower than those seen without the Flat Adapter due to light geometry. If you are using a Flat Adapter to measure your products, it is important to remember to set the master color while using a Flat Adapter as well. This way, you are comparing apples to apples. 

5x Flat adapters

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