The Next Generation Spectrophotometer

Nix Spectro 2 Spectrophotometer

$1,299 USD

Revolutionize your workflow process and integrate accurate color data wherever you go. The Nix Spectro 2 provides full-featured accuracy while allowing you to move freely from the confinements of a lab. Built for real life, the Spectro does not compromise on performance. This durable, cost-effective, and performance-driven device will work seamlessly with any industry.

1x Nix Spectro 2

1x Hard-shell Protective Carrying Case
1x Inspection Certificate
1x Reference Tile
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Nix Lanyard
1x Microfiber cloth
1x Microfiber Carrying Pouch
FREE lifetime access to the Nix Toolkit Android & iOS Apps
FREE lifetime access to the Nix Pro Color Sensor Android & iOS Apps

Accessories for scanning liquids, gels, powders, and soft surfaces are available for purchase separately. For details, call 1.800.649.1387

The Nix Spectro 2 is perfect for those who integrate color into professional lives and workflow. This includes:

Color Consultants
Print Technicians
Graphic designers
Paint Store Owners who are looking to optimize their paint selling process

We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you try the Nix Spectro 2 and find that it doesn’t suit your needs or workflow, ship the device back to our headquarters in Canada for your money back. (Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Initial shipping costs are unable to be refunded).


Note: Nix will issue a product exchange for the warranty program, not a refund.

Nix Sensor Ltd warrants your product against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase, when purchased directly from Nix or a Nix authorized reseller. Prior to providing warranty service, Nix Sensor Ltd will require you to provide proof of purchase details, including but not limited to a receipt or sales invoice. (Warranty shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Initial shipping costs are unable to be refunded).

Use the chat function in the bottom-left hand corner of the screen to talk with a real person in our office.

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Why a spectrophotometer?

A spectrophotometer first shines a known, stable, broad spectrum white light source on the surface to be measured. It then collects the light reflected from the measured object and breaks it apart into its constituent wavelengths through a prism or something called a diffraction grating.

This “rainbow” of light is then measured and digitized using a precise sensor array at specific wavelength intervals, typically every 10nm across the visible spectrum, 400nm-700nm.

Spectral Curve

This spectral data can be used to help determine exactly what adjustments need to be made for adhering to various color standards. Uses for a spectrophotometer include measuring different pigment levels in a substance for paint formulation, or commercial printing applications, as well as many other scientific applications in biology, chemistry, food and agriculture, cosmetics, QA/QC and more.


Re-imagining spectrophotometers.

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With 1 recorded scan per second, the Nix Spectro 2 has 31 channels across UV, IR and the visible spectrum giving you unparalleled accuracy and consistent data measurements time and time again.

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No matter the condition, Nix was built for it. Get creative with how and where you perform your scans and have the confidence to know that your Nix device will withstand any condition you use it in.

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Without sacrificing on performance, we’ve made the Nix Spectro 2 a cost-effective option for any industry. No longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars to retrieve accurate data measurements.

Easy to use.

Nix Spectro 2 Color Spectrophotometer

Watch your Nix come alive. 

Easier to use than ever. With haptic feedback and light indicators, the Spectro 2 alerts you to active charging, paired Bluetooth connection and successfully completed scans.

The power of Nix at your fingertips. 

Extend the capabilities of the Spectro with a hassle free app that allows you to access the entire Nix toolset. Scan for spectral data, compare to imported libraries, and unlock everything Nix has to offer.

See more app details here.

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Versatility is key. 

Powders, liquids, textures, you name it – Nix was built for it. No matter the surface, Nix is ready to capture its data. We’ve developed a system of adapters to scan just about any surface type you can think of.

Performance + SDK.

Optical resolution

True 31 channel measurement (diffraction grating with 288 pixel diode array)

Spectral visible range

400 – 700 nm, 10 nm resolution reporting


0.05 ΔE00* on white (D65, 10°, to mean of 10 measurements every 3 s on white, at a temperature of 23ºC)

Inter-instrument agreement

0.35 ΔE00* average, 0.7 ΔE00* max. (deviation from Nix Sensor Ltd. standard unit at a temperature of 23ºC on 12 CERAM CCS-II tiles (D65, 10º))

Compatible Software

Learn more about our compatible software.

Operating Systems

iOS, Android, Windows (BLE)

Bluetooth requirements

Bluetooth 4.0


Android SDK level 21 (Android 5.0 Lollipop) and above. SDK written in Java


iOS 11.0 and above. SDK written in Objective C

SDK contents

Bluetooth connectivity routines, commands to request scan in 10 nm reporting, XYZ, or Lab. Learn more about our custom SDK.


Nix offers a full-service recertification and inspection that includes:


Recalibration using proprietary 24 color array (comprehensive, extended gamut)


Full inspection of the device and reference tile


Cleaning of lenses and LED light pipes