Nix Spectro 2

Spectrophotometer / Densitometer


  • True 31-channel spectral data across the visible spectrum (400-700 nm)
  • 8x LEDs (Broad spectrum white, violet and ultraviolet)
  • M0, M1 & M2 measurement modes for use with optical brighteners
  • Densitometer, quality control, and library management capabilities
  • Capable of scanning down to 3 mm samples
  • Haptic vibration and RGB indication
  • Compatible with our Nix Print Pro software, free Nix Toolkit app and existing color software to easily integrate into your workflow (see full list of compatible software)
  • Compatible with our library of adapters for scanning liquids, powders, soft surfaces, and more
  • Recertification available

Wireless connectivity

Made in Canada

1 Year Warranty

Powerful + accessible

Our Spectro 2 runs the gamut when it comes to professional color management and color communication. If color quality control is a concern of yours, the Spectro 2 combined with our software options will be your small but mighty hero. Watch our informative video to learn more!

Why you need a Nix spectrophotometer


Scan your samples and ensure they are within spec of your reference target.


Instantly identify potential errors in your printing process and get easy and actionable direction for improvement.


Create and manage custom color libraries. Share your libraries with others to ensure consistency across your team.

Compliance Features


Track the details of your device and the rigorous calibration process used at Nix headquarters.

Reference Tile

Check your device against the ceramic reference tile to confirm its within spec and functioning properly.


Get your device recertified at Nix headquarters to extend its life and make sure it continues functioning to our high standards.

Premium Service
Plan Options

Get the most out of your device with a premium plan that gives you prioritized support, free online diagnostics, and much more.

The software to fit your needs

The free Nix Toolkit app gives you access to the entire Nix toolset.
Scan and export spectral data, compare to imported libraries, set up quality control measures, and more. Check out the full list of Toolkit features here.

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Want to use your existing software instead?
We’ve partnered with industry-leading software companies so you can integrate Nix into your existing workflow and connect to formulation. Check out the full list of compatible software here.

Subscription options available for premium databases

31 channel resolution

The Nix Spectro 2 provides over 10x the resolution of a typical colorimeter. This reduces the gaps between channels and allows for more accurate measurements across the entire color gamut

Nix Mini 3


3 channels

Nix Spectro L


9 channels

Nix Spectro 2


31 channels

Orange box density compare

Better control at the press

Measure ink density with the Spectro 2 to ensure consistent color throughout your print process. Instantly identify potential errors and get easy and actionable direction for improvement. Bring the Nix Spectro 2 into your print workflow to save yourself time and money.

The difference that sets Nix apart


Nix understands that your business isn’t run in a clean room. With a scratch-resistant lens, a dust and water-resistant shell, and a durable metal enclosure, Nix builds devices for the real world.


Expect consistent and accurate results from the Nix Spectro 2 for a fraction of the price of our competitors. We’ve made a spectrophotometer that’s a cost-effective option for any industry, without sacrificing on performance.


With 1 recorded scan per second and 31 channels across the UV and visible spectrum, the Nix Spectro 2 gives you accurate and consistent data measurements that hold up against devices 10x its cost.

The perfect fit for any workflow

Print +

Color accuracy in the print and packaging industry is everything. Take control of the quality control process by integrating a portable and accurate color measurement solution developed by the engineers at Nix Sensor. Confidently know your color standards are up to code on a scientific level every day.

Perfect for:

  • Press operators
  • Brand owners
  • Specifiers
  • Graphic Designers

A multitude of industries and surface types

Check out how Nix can be integrated into any industry to make your workflow smoother.


Liquids, powders, and surfaces that are uneven, textured, plush, or soft can often be difficult to measure accurately. To avoid poor scanning conditions, our selection of specially crafted adapters can be attached to the bottom of your Nix Spectro 2. Browse our line of adapters here.

Approved by color experts

Dr. Kai Lankinen

It’s versatile and suitable for brand owners, designers, paper manufacturers, printers, repro houses, and the ink industry.

The benefits include accuracy, mobility, cordless operations, small size, simple cost structure, affordable price, and excellent app functions. According to my comparisons, it is comparable with Spectrophotometers that cost over 10x as much.

dr lankinen

Matthew Sheridan has assembled a team that has created game-changing, phone-based instruments…

An exciting development in colour measurement is a new generation of lightweight, low-cost, durable spectros that tether to smartphones.

Dr. Abhay Sharma

Graphic Communications Management Prof. at Toronto Metropolitan University

As a graphic designer and color theory educator, I find the Nix Mini 3 and Nix Spectro 2 have become indispensable to my practice.

When I started on my mission to promote science-based color theory, I had to rely on others’ research. Now I can scan samples of paint, crayon, and other art materials, visualizing the colorimetric data in creative ways. Nix has played a huge part in helping me make color science more accessible.

Peter Donahue

Color Theory Educator and TikTok’s @color.nerd

Expert engineered, award-winning technology

In the case

Nix Spectro 2 Spectrophotometer

Inspection Certificate

Ceramic Reference Tile

Soft USB-C

Microfiber Carrying Pouch

Nix Lanyard

Microfiber Cloth

2 mm Positioning Jig
*Included with the Spectro 2 (2 mm) version only

View the full performance and specifications here:

Powerful + accessible

Our Spectro 2 runs the gamut when it comes to professional color management and color communication. If color quality control is a concern of yours, the Spectro 2 combined with our software options will be your small but mighty hero. Watch our informative video to learn more!