Select your Spectro 2 aperture size

Spectro 2 (5 mm)

$1,199 USD

The ideal tool for measuring paint, print, textured samples, and so much more. For best color results, the 5 mm aperture size is recommended for all samples 16 mm or larger.

  • Best for general use
  • Compatible with our range of adapters (for liquids, powders, and non-uniform surfaces)
  • Best for samples 16 mm and larger

Spectro 2 (2 mm)

$1,199 USD

The only Nix Spectro capable of measuring print control strips and other small color samples. The 2 mm aperture size includes an easy-to-use targeting adapter for scanning surfaces as small as 3 mm.

  • Best for measuring print control strips
  • Comes with a positioning jig to help you accurately scan your small samples
  • Best for samples smaller than 16 mm