Color matching in the kitchen with Letterpress Bakery

Color matching can be tough, especially when trying to gauge the difference between two colors by eye. This happens in a lot of industries including Interior Design, Industrial Manufacturing, Digital Design – you name it! And it’s no different in the kitchen.

When creating custom designer cakes and confections, getting the right color is essential and it is often calculated by eye. Kylie Mangles from Letterpress Bakery shares how she uses the Nix Pro Color Sensor to mix up the right colors for her custom orders. Read more here

Custom and clean

Since working in the kitchen can get messy, a custom flat adapter is needed to protect the device and provide the highest quality of accuracy. Adapters easily pop on and off of the bottom of the Nix Pro and can be wiped down.

For best results, we recommend replacing them after each use.  If you’re looking to use the Nix Pro in the kitchen like Kylie is, give us a call at (905) 581-6363 or email us at

Above are a few of the Nix cookies that Letterpress Bakery made for our office. Not only were these sugar cookies impressively designed (and the exact color of our app slash screen), they were also very tasty! Thanks Letterpress Bakery!