Colors of Hamilton Farmers’ Market + Relay

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Take a look at the colors of our favorite places in our hometown: Ontario, Canada

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Farmer’s Market

Hamilton’s History: The Hamilton Farmers’ Market was established in 1837, when Andrew and Mary Miller transferred a small piece of land to the President and Board of Police of the Town of Hamilton – this land was to be used for a Market. Today, it is home to 60 vendors, including RELAY Coffee Roasters. They have everything from local, national and international foods, to flowers and fashion.

RELAY Coffee Roasters

Owner: Jason and Rachel

About Relay: In 2011, RELAY Coffee Roasters opened its first coffee bar at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market. Their mission is about being a coffee roasting company that focuses on people first; farmers and their customers. As a company they are praised for their accomodating and ethical nature, as well as, for carrying the most high quality coffee beans.

Brand Aesthetic and Colors: The owner, Jason specializes in design and utilizies his experience to create the most, aesthically pleasing, eye-catching, and harmonious branding. The menu and styling is constantly being reinvented!

Hamilton Proud: They are proud to be from a city where opportunities are endless. RELAY shares that a couple whom had their first date at their coffee bar are now married and frequently come by with their children. This story is just a testament to the many reasons RELAY encourages “a healthier plant, healthy communities, and a better cup of coffee”.

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