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Pale Blue Dot

Owner: Mary Luciani 

Must Have: anything from their linen clothing to their multi-sized Abeego beeswax food wrap.

About Pale Blue Dot: the Pale Blue Dot is a one-stop shop for sustainable living! They are modern day general store, providing earth-friendly alternatives for everyday items. They’ve got products that range from bamboo toothbrushes, all-natural clothing, and sustainable houseware to antique and vintage furniture. Everything they carry is sourced with the utmost intention. This unique shop only shelves products that meet their high standards and whos makers’ values align with their own.

Brand Aesthetic and Colors: Mary designed the space to reflect their products, natural and clean. The main color choice for the store follows a warm white color with finish accents of antique woods. An abundance of plants were meant to bring life and color to the shop! As Mary says, “incorporating the outdoors was an important aspect to the design because it reminds us to feel immersed in nature- to feel the connection, reminding us of the importance of living a more sustainable life.”

Hamilton Proud: the owner, Mary has a deep respect for everyone in Hamilton who has decided to take a leap of faith and dive into their dreams and passions. As well as, the Hamiltonians who continue to support the many independent shops in the city. She mentions that there’s “a lot of good here.”


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