How to Clean Paint Brushes Like a Pro

Good paint brushes are worth the money, whether you’re painting with latex, oil or shellac. Here are 7 tips on how the pros clean their paint brushes with water based paints. 

 Don’t over-dip the paint brush while in use. Dip the brush into the paint only about two fingers wide. Begin cleaning a paint brush immediately after use.

Scrape off excess paint. Be sure the brush is as free of paint as possible. Use the rim of a can and then work some of the paint onto newspaper before cleaning in soapy water.

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Hold the brush bristles-side-down and run it through a sink with warm water.

If there is still paint residue, add a little bit of soap and continue to run the brush through your fingers.

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If there is still paint residue after that, use a scour pad and gently brush it off the bristles. Be as gentle as possible to be sure the bristles aren’t damaged.

To dry, dap the brush on a rag and spin the brush in your hands in the sink to spin any remaining water droplets off the brush.

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Once the brush is dry, put it back in its cover. Most paint brushes come in a cardboard cover that can be reused.

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