How to keep paint tools fresh

Painting can be a long process. Here is a cost-friendly, and efficient way to keep your full paint trays, paint rollers, and paint brushes fresh inbetween painting mutiple coats days at a time. Everything you need can be found in your kitchen!

You will need: saran wrap, and a fridge or cooler

Immediately after using paint tray, paint rollers or paint brushes takeout saran wrap.

PRO TIP: use saran wrap to cover the base of the paint tray before pouring paint into the tray to avoid clean up. 

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Cut saran wrap to your desired dimensions.

PRO TIP: ensure piece will be able to cover the entire painting tool or paint tray. Use scissors for precision.

A. For paint brushes or paint roller: place saran wrap piece on a flat surface. Gently place the wet paint brush or paint roller in the center of the saran wrap piece. Fold over each side of the wrap to seal it.

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B. For paint trays: Gently cover the top of the paint tray with the saran wrap piece. Ensure that it is tightly secured onto the tray. For extra protection saran wrap the entire paint tray by placing the loose end on one side of the tray and repetitively wrapping above and below the tray (approx. 4-5 times). Pinch the edges of the saran wrap together to seel the seams.

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You may place the seeled paint tray, paint brushes and/or paint roller into the fridge.

PRO TIP: you may place contents into a ziplock or plastic bag to ensure no spillage.

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That’s it! When you take your paint tools out of the fridge they will be ready to be used! This trick is good for 3-5 days.

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