Matthew Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Nix Sensor Ltd.

Matthew Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Nix is one of the most devoted, innovative, and humorous leaders in the business. Matt is not just an experienced entrepreneur and expert at his craft. He is a captain of his crew and ship, both on land and water. Whether he’s racing his J24 sailboat or rallying the Nix team for a product launch, he leads with passion and commitment. His desire to sail across the ocean and explore the unknown is just a testament to these qualities.

His mission for the company is to build the most advanced color sensing technology on the planet and to make products usable for the everyday user.

“If you really want to make a dent in the universe you should make something that people actually want to use”


Although the routes to success are not always smooth sailing, Matt’s ability to move quickly from strategy to execution has helped the company edge forward. His drive to make this goal a reality has expanded Nix beyond the walls of his 10’ x 10’ bedroom and into a state of the art manufacturing facility at McMaster Innovation Park – now home to the Nix Pro and Nix Mini. As Matt continues to expand his crew, he takes pride in their growth and successes. Today, he leads a team full of the best engineers, marketers and business personnel in the industry.


Hear it from Matt…

What makes me tick

I absolutely love problem solving, no matter how big or small. Problem solving is what keeps me up at night and keeps me motivated. They really should change CEO to CPO for Chief Problem Solver.

My life outside Nix

The one thing I love more than problem solving is sailing. I once was a professional sailing coach and sailed in the Canadian University championship. Now I race my J24 boat with some other members of the Nix team. My ultimate goal is to eventually sail across the ocean.

I am also a nerd for alternative energy and environmentalism.

Important Fact

I have once had the great honor of sharing a plate of chicken wings at a party with Al Gore.

Color of choice

My favorite color is #112358, I call it “Fibonacci Blue.”

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