Nix Sensor expands Spectro 2 ecosystem with integration into new DeltaEZ mobile color measurement app

Nix Sensor continues to expand software compatibility with the Spectro 2 spectrophotometer

DeltaEZ is the latest mobile app designed to work hand-in-hand with the Spectro 2, a spectrophotometer offered by Nix Sensor. DeltaEZ makes color measurement more affordable, portable, and collaborative. Designed to work with the mobile phone and tablet devices you already carry and the handheld Spectro 2, we are excited to expand this new era in the color quality control space.

With the DeltaEZ app paired with our Spectro 2, users can perform accurate color measurement wherever their work takes them. From in the office to on the manufacturing line, or even while working at home, objective color measurement is quickly and affordably at hand.

Mobile color measurement has never been this portable and accessible.

Download the DeltaEZ iOS app: