Nix Mini 3 Press Release

Mini 3 Color Sensor - paint match

Nix announces the 3rd version of the award-winning, Nix Mini Color Sensor

Hamilton, Ontario: Nix Sensor Ltd., a technology-based company that designs, manufactures, and retails high precision color sensing technology is announcing the release of the 3rd version Mini Color Sensor.

We are thrilled to announce our newest product that will revolutionize how we measure and analyze color – the Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor. This groundbreaking new sensor allows you to accurately measure and analyze colors with ease, making it easier than ever before to achieve the perfect color palette for any project. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this product so revolutionary.

The Nix Mini 3 is capable of accurately measuring color with a level of precision never seen before. It can detect even the slightest variations in color bolstering 300%+ improved resolution, meaning that you can be sure the colors you choose for your projects will be exactly as you intended them to be. The device is wireless and portable, allowing you to measure different surfaces and textures to get an accurate representation of the desired color.

The Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor is designed to ensure accurate, consistent color measurements even in challenging environments. It is the first sensor of its kind to achieve an IPX4 rating, meaning it’s splashproof and durable enough to withstand harsh temperatures and conditions while still providing reliable results. We’ve added a USB-C connection that allows for fast charging speeds.

Quickly and easily scan your desired color thereby eliminating time wasted on subjective opinions and manual processes. Ensure accuracy across multiple projects. With these tools, users can quickly identify similar colors and spot trends in data sets, save and store color scans for future reference or share them with clients or colleagues. We even offer access to premium libraries like Pantone, RAL and NCS.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor is its easy setup and use. Once the device is paired with your phone, all users need to do is place it on the area they wish to measure and hit a scan button on the included Nix toolkit app (Android/iOS/Google). The device will then use the proprietary Nix algorithm to measure and analyze whatever area it has been directed towards with ease. This makes it incredibly simple for anyone from beginners to seasoned professionals alike to get up and running quickly without spending hours figuring out how it works.

The Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor has a wide range of features that make it ideal for the paint and coatings industry, print and graphic arts and more.

At its core, the Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows anyone to easily measure and analyze color like never before. It’s accurate measurement capabilities combined with its advanced algorithm and analysis tools make it perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to achieve their desired results when working with color palettes. If you’re looking for a tool that will make your job easier while providing superior results, then the Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor is right for you!

“At Nix Sensor Ltd., we are proud to introduce our newest innovations to the Mini line which promises to revolutionize how people work with color in design and other industries. Our cutting-edge technology offers unparalleled accuracy when capturing colors while also providing comprehensive data analysis capabilities that make analyzing collected data easier than ever before. We believe this product will open a world of possibilities for anyone who works with color professionally—and we can’t wait to see the amazing things you create!” – Matthew Sheridan – CEO/Founder – Nix Sensor Ltd.