Nix Sensor Ltd. featured on Canada’s top growing companies list for 2021

Globe and Mail Report on Business

The Globe and Mail – Canada’s premier news publication releases an annual list of Canadian companies achieving the highest revenue growth over the previous year. Nix has made the list for 2021 at the #263 spot.

2020-2021, unprecedented years saw certain businesses close and certain businesses thrive. Throughout the pandemic Nix has continued to develop new ideas and push their color sensor technology worldwide. Being recognized during these historic years and breaking into new levels of business success is a step in the right direction for Nix’ mission, to shake up not only the paint industry but any industry that uses color.

Nix color sensor devices allow the user to scan real world objects and bring the color data into the digital world through a host of smartphone apps. From there, the information can be matched to a paint color from top paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr etc. The technology not only serves as a disruptor for the paint industry but other industries like print & packaging, food & agriculture and cosmetics to name a few. Nix devices are portable and durable, making quality control efficient and exciting. The scientists and engineers at Nix have truly developed game changing technology and are being recognized by not only The Globe and Mail but numerous publications in the media.

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