Nix Sensor Ltd. Releases Nix Spectro L – investing further into the line of portable spectrophotometers.

Spectro L - Launch

For Immediate Release

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Aug 1, 2023 – Nix Sensor Ltd., a pioneering brand in advanced color measurement solutions, is delighted to introduce the Nix Spectro L, a spectrophotometer and densitometer designed to transform color workflows for professionals across various industries. This device empowers users with instant color analysis, wherever it is needed.

A New Era in Color Measurement: Nix Spectro L

The Nix Spectro L, in tandem with the free Nix Toolkit app or other industry leading 3rd party apps, allows users to instantly measure the color of any surface. Professionals can leverage this data, including delta-e, spectral reflectance curve, ink density, RGB, CMYK, Lab and paint matches, to make crucial business decisions. With a user-friendly interface and cloud-enabled QC management, this device streamlines the color measurement & communication process like never before.

The Nix Spectro L caters to the needs of several vital industries, including the print and packaging industry, paints and coatings, and manufacturing sectors. Its versatile capabilities make it indispensable for brand owners, designers, printers, repro houses, the ink industry and more.

The Nix Spectro L provides professionals with an array of tools to enhance color management:

  • Instant CMYK, print density, RGB, HEX & more
  • Compatibility with Pantone, RAL, and NCS
  • Creation of personalized libraries for efficient QC management
  • Durable aluminum enclosure and sealed glass optics for long-lasting performance
  • 9-channel sensor, upscaled to 31 channels, with 10nm output for superior precision
  • M0, M1 & M2 measurement modes for use with optical brighteners
  • Unbeatable performance at an affordable price

The Nix Spectro L breaks barriers by meeting the performance of devices priced in the thousands but at a fraction of the cost. This cost efficiency makes it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses seeking high-quality color measurement and rapid ROI. Additionally, the device’s simplicity and ease of use eliminate the need for specialized setup, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

Mission to Simplify Color Measurement

At Nix Sensor Ltd., our mission is to make color measurement accessible and simple for everyone. The Nix Spectro L exemplifies our commitment to this goal, offering a versatile and efficient solution that can seamlessly integrate into various manufacturing and color processes.

Inspiration and Expertise

The creation of the Nix Spectro L was inspired by our groundbreaking in the Spectro 2 platform, and the determination to bring this award-winning technology to an even more cost-efficient device. Our team worked diligently with industry professionals to gather feedback, ensuring the device’s accuracy and reliability.

World-class Endorsements

The Nix Spectro line of devices is already earning accolades among industry experts. Dr. Kai Laniken, an influential figure in the color world, praised our flagship product, the Spectro 2, which serves as the foundation for the Spectro L, stating, “It is comparable with Spectrophotometers that cost over 10x as much.”

The Future of Color Measurement

The Nix Spectro L is set to revolutionize color measurement and empower professionals across various industries. As Nix Sensor Ltd. continues to expand its horizons, the Spectro L represents a breakthrough device that sets new standards for color measurement in the modern era.

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About Nix Sensor Ltd.:

Nix Sensor Ltd. is a pioneering brand specializing in advanced color measurement solutions. With a vision to simplify color measurement for professionals, Nix Sensor Ltd. continuously pushes the boundaries of technology, making innovative color measurement accessible to industries worldwide.

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