Nix Toolkit App: Update V1.7.1

Nix Toolkit App: Update V1.7.1


With our new improved Nix toolkit app, you can now get the information you need in a fraction of the time. 

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You asked and we delivered

No more getting stuck navigating clutter – this updated version of the app provides an effortless experience so that users can measure, analyze and match colors with ease. We’re thrilled to bring the true vision for a faster color workflow into reality. Get ready to bid farewell to disorganization and the hassle of too much information slowing you down. Get the info you need faster with a home screen that’s been streamlined to suit your needs.

A better workflow

We’ve got three options to get your color needs started:

Single Scan

    • Use single scan to find spectral data or digital color codes like RGB, HEX, CIELAB, and more


    • Find the closest paint match and other color libraries

Quality Control

    • Compare samples against a standard and identify them as a pass or fail
    • Now compare samples in the QC function to spot potential differences in density


Why you want it

density visualizer


In the print industry, consistent quality is expected all while producing thousands of boxes or other printed materials each minute. Save on time and resources caused by discrepancies in ink density.


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