Setting up

Nix Pro Color Sensor

Congratulations on purchasing a Nix Pro Color Sensor. Now, let’s set it up!

Setting up your Nix Pro Color Sensor is a simple process. Follow the steps in this easy-to-follow video or read our written instructions below, the choice is yours!

What's inside the box

Nix Pro 2 Color Sensor

Micro USB charging cable

Microfiber carrying pouch


Quick start guide

Getting set up

Step 1: Wake your device

Wake up your Nix Pro 2 by plugging it into the USB charging cable, and the cable into a charger until fully charged.

Step 2: Download

Download the free Nix Toolkit App from either the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

App Store badge
Google Play badge

Step 3: Location & Wireless Connection

You must allow location services and wireless connectivity on your device for your Nix Pro 2 to function.

Step 4: Connect

In the top right of the Nix Toolkit App, select the device icon. Choose “Connect to Nix” and select your Nix Pro 2 from the list.

Step 5: Scan Away!

Place your Nix Pro 2 firmly on any flat surface for the most accurate results. Remember to save and share your scans!