Nix Toolkit App: Update V1.7.1

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Nix Toolkit App: Update V1.7.1 Nix Toolkit App: Update V1.7.1   With our new improved Nix toolkit app, you can now get the information you need in a fraction of the time.  You asked and …

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Powders – Case Study

Powders – Case Study Producers in the food and beverage industry use many ingredients, spices, and additives that are in powder form. These powders have a long shelf life, meaning they are often shipped from …

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Multi-point Averaging: Case Study

Multipoint Averaging header

Multi-point Averaging: Case Study Multi-point Averaging with the Nix Spectro 2 Spectrophotometer and Toolkit App Not all products are uniform in color (See case study on building blocks). When measuring the color properties of a …

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Liquids: Case Study

Liquids: Case Study From petrochemicals, to pigments, to beverages, the color characteristics of translucent liquids are often vital to a product’s performance in the marketplace. Alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, whiskey, scotch, and tequila …

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Solid, Opaque Surfaces: Case Study

Nix Color Sensor measuring green lego pieces

Solid, Opaque Surfaces: Case Study Many of today’s consumer goods are made of injection molded plastics. This injection molding process involves melting thermoplastic pellets, forcing molten liquid into a specialized mold to be cooled and …

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Is using a smartphone color app accurate?

Is using a smartphone color app accurate?   Ever been captivated by a color in your surroundings? Maybe it’s a brightly colored flower or a mural that stopped you in your tracks. Trying to remember …

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How do you Measure Color Accuracy?

An illustration depicting the CIELAB colour model.

How do you Measure Color Accuracy? The vast majority of the human population is extremely sensitive to differences and inconsistencies in color. Intuitively, we are able to sense when a color is ‘off’. However, when …

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What is RGB Color?

The RGB model shows overlapping red, green, and blue. When all three colours overlap, they form white.

What is RGB Color? Introduction to RGB Color The RGB color system is one of the most well-known color systems in the world, and perhaps the most ubiquitous. As an additive color system, it combines red, green, …

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