Feature of the Week – Vol. 2 – InkSight

Elevating Print Quality and Efficiency with this new feature from Nix Print Pro

The printing industry is continuously seeking solutions that not only enhance quality but also optimize operational efficiency. With InkSight functionality, Nix Print Pro provides press operators instantaneous feedback of how to correct an ink that has printed out of tolerance. This density prediction capability is typically only available in far more costly solutions and therefore is a game-changer when combined with a Nix spectral device in such an affordable package. By delivering easy to use functionality that printers need in a cost-effective bundle, Nix Print Pro clearly illustrates its unparalleled position in the market.

Reducing Makeready Time and Maintaining Tolerance with Ease

InkSight’s primary advantage lies in its ability to significantly shorten makeready times while ensuring that print jobs remain within specified tolerances. This advanced, yet conveniently simple to learn, feature reduces wasted materials and time making it a valuable tool for any print operation seeking to improve its efficiency and output quality.

Intuitive Color Measurement and Accurate Correction Guidance

InkSight streamlines the color measurement process. By simply measuring a sample color and substrate, Nix Print Pro provides clear actionable data: The current DeltaE and ink density, alongside a new densitometric aim that will achieve the best possible DeltaE. Right away a press operator can see if their job is printing right and if not, how to correct it.

density measurement

Proactive Problem-Solving with Tolerance Alerts

InkSight can indicate when achieving an in-tolerance print is not possible. This proactive alert system enables quicker identification and resolution of underlying issues, whether they involve press cleaning or ink formulation adjustments. Save time iterating corrections on press when there is another root problem.

Streamlined Color Evaluation and Correction

With InkSight, evaluating and correcting color discrepancies becomes a seamless part of the workflow. This allows printing businesses to focus on what truly matters: producing high-quality print work for their valued customers, on time and within budget.

InkSight in Action


Nix Print Pro’s InkSight feature represents a significant leap forward in printing technology. By offering advanced density prediction capabilities typically found in more costly and complicated systems, it provides a practical, efficient solution for improving print quality and operational efficiency.

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